Equipment rental

For those with the necessary skills, we have specialised equipment available for rent.


For skiing
– Dualski, Tandemski, Kartski, Uniski, GoToSki
Alain Bigey

For off-roading
– Cimgo, Quadrix, Swincar, Scooters
Alain Bigey

For swimming
– Sofao
Alain Bigey

For hiking
– Joëlette

Différences Solidaires has several storage facilities for Joëlettes in French-speaking Switzerland. Provided that you have the required training, these joëlettes can be rented for your hikes. For more information, please contact us.

Electric Joëlettes for hiking only
Sâles – FR: Main depot
Geneva – GE: Secondary depot
Geneviève Fol

Brot-Dessous – NE: At our partner Fun For All
Giuseppe Macri

Classic Joëlettes for races only
Différences Solidaires now has two depots of joëlettes exclusively for running. They are not equipped with assistance motors. Their rental is subject to the same criteria as for other joëlettes (compulsory training).

Cugy – VD
Steve Birbaum

Delémont – JU
Dominique and René Heiniger


– Climbing wall, Tyrolean traverse, infernal tower (these facilities can be rented without supervision, but their installation is necessarily carried out by staff from our association).

Members of the association and partner associations benefit from preferential rates.
Alain Bigey



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